Congregational Leaders for 2016-2017
(effective July 1, 2016)

Helping Hands (click here for the schedule, hours are 1-3 p.m.) — Contact person is Kathryn Zink at Kmznk@twc.com.

Thrift Store (Tuesday-Thursday Noon – 4 p.m.) — Penny Little and Priscilla Griffin are Directors of the Thrift Store ministry.  Priscilla Griffin can be contacted at prisgriff@msn.com

God’s Pantry (Monday-Friday, 2-4 p.m.) — Contact person is Ann Thompson  athompson@mikrotec.com

Room in the Inn (click here for the schedule) — Contact person is Kim Joyner kimbelljoy@gmail.com


Chair of Administrative Board:  Dan Ballard
Vice-Chair of Administrative Board: Jan Ehrmantraut
Secretary:  Jill Harris
Treasurer (and Chair of Finance):  David Richard

Members of the Administrative Board

Moderator of the Congregation (and Nominating Chair):  Rod Brewer

Trustees:  Josh Santana (Chair, to 2017), Crissy Fiscus (to 2018), Jay Baughman (to 2019), Todd Ball (to 2020), Harry Richart (to 2021)

Elders of the church  —  Elder’s schedule of serving at the Table and as greeters

Deacons of the church (Mike Bowling, chair)

Ministry Team Chairs
Passion for Worship:  Hank Sneed
Faith Formation:  Diane Ballard
Congregational Care:  Brenda Peterson
Evangelism:  Steve Pruitt
Communication:  Tim Bischoff
Personnel Committee:  Nancy Albright
Property: Art Curtis
Outreach:  Liz Huffman
Time & Talent:  Carolyn Richart
Finance Committee:  David Richard

Central Planning Committee:  Josh Santana, Nancy Bishop, Jay Baughman, Martha Dryden, Joe Miller Sr, Paul Warner, (with staff David Shirey and Mollie Sawyer), and Debbie Rice coordinating prayer.

Ministers and Staff

who for 2015-2016