Listen to Dr. Jerry Sumney’s Sunday School Class called Taking the Bible Seriously.

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) values an informed approach to scripture and our faith. We believe that our faith is strengthened for our journey of life when we understand the Bible, know our tradition, and learn from human experience. We believe that an informed faith can equip us to apply our Christian beliefs and ethics to our everyday lives. Accordingly, we strive to offer opportunities that reaches people where they are on their journey of faith.


Listed are some opportunities offered by Central to help you along the journey:

Small Group Ministry

ChristCare is a small group ministry (8-12 people). Each group meets regularly for study, fellowship, worship and service. The groups are wonderful opportunities to deepen our faith in Christian Community. All groups are open and eager to welcome new persons.

Dinners for Eight

(New groups forming, to begin in early 2015)
Dinners for Eight is an opportunity for new and older members to get to know one another over a series of dinners in one another’s homes. These groups have been an excellent way for people to get to know each other on a more personal level and to have a great time while doing so. New groups form each year. To become a part of Dinners for Eight, contact Rev. Elizabeth King.

Sunday School Classes

Every Sunday morning 9:30-10:30 a.m.
Classes meet to study scripture, ethical and societal issues, current books, and much more. Also, short-term classes are offered that have a special topics.

A Survey of World Religions
Leader: Bob Botkin, Room 206

Bob leads this group in reading about and discussing the religions of the world. Christianity is made richer when we seek to understand our faithful brothers and sisters of the world.

Forum Class
Parlor Room, First Floor in the Sanctuary Building
Discussion of Current Issues and Book Readings

Wellness ChristCare
Leaders: Chris Morris, Michael Maas and Mack Reno, Room 209

An engaging group of individuals who are interested in various types of wellness; they believe that wellness matters because we are children of God.

Progressive Christianity
Leader: Rob Bostrom, Room 210
An open and accepting discussion class examining today’s issues in an attempt to understand them within the framework of the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth.

Taking the Bible Seriously
Leader: Dr. Jerry Sumney, Room 211

Learn from a excellent scholar in New Testament studies. The class is information-filled and accepting of questions. Jerry patiently leads his class through the different books of the Bible giving the learner incredible insight.  Currently they are studying Dr. Sumney’s new book Paul: Apostle and Fellow Traveler.

Top of the Hill Class
Leaders: Vickie Batzka, Liz Huffman, and Connie Hubbard; Room 207

This group tackles the tough issues facing us as Christians. They are not afraid to ask the hard questions and reside with the reality that sometimes there are no answers. They are a particularly justice-minded and lively group.