Adult Small Group Ministry


Small groups meet regularly for the purpose of mutual care and encouragement, prayer and worship, Bible study and outreach to others. Through these groups we share our Christian journey in a close and caring community. Central offers a variety of small groups based on age, life stage or interest. Central understands that we rely on Christian community to support us on our life journey. Through our small group ministries we come together for fellowship, worship, study and service.



Forum Sunday School Class

Is a class of about 10 people made up of adults age 60 and older which meet in the Parlor on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30.  The class rotates leadership and the current conveners are: Tom Radden, Bill Curwood, Jon Elliott and John Bridwell.  The Forum Class generally studies and discusses books on a wide variety of topics which are recommended by class members.  They have just finished studying “The Lost Books of the Bible” and are currently undertaking “The End of White Christian America” by Robert T. Jones.  The class offers an opportunity to learn and question in a small group setting while offering support and care to its members. Jon Elliott, 859-275-2060

Top of the Hill Class:

Is a class of about 20-25 people made up of adults in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s which meet in Room 207 on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30.  The conveners for the class are Vickie Batzka and Hank Sneed.  The class uses “The Wired Word” as the beginning point for their studies.  The “Wired Word” offers two current news stories from the week along with scriptures that are connected to those stories and biblical background related to the scriptures.  The class receives a student version of the stories and scriptures by Friday via email for the upcoming class.  Following a brief presentation the class participates in an open and free-flowing discussion.  Their goal is to look seriously at current issues and where God is in those issues and where we are in order to make a better world. Vickie Batzka 859-321-2551

The Botkin Class:

Is a class of about 18 people of all ages ranging from 40’s-90’s which meet in Room 206 on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30.  The teacher for the class is The Reverend Dr. Robert Botkin.  This class offers a chance to study, in an in-depth manner, theological topics which have included “Science and Religion”, World Religions” and currently “The Ten Commandments”.  Dr. Botkin and the class are using the second tablet of the commandments as a spring board for their study which centers around ethics.  The class offers an opportunity for study and discussion in a safe environment along with an opportunity to deepen relationships with each other through social events.

Bob Botkin 859-367-7585

Progressive Christianity:

Is a class of about 8-10 people in their 40’s-60’s which meet in Room 210 on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30.  The conveners for the class are John Zink and Paul Warner.   This class often studies books covering a wide variety of topics in a supportive and thoughtful manner.  To offer a flavor of the topics recently studied, Progressive Christianity has just completed a discussion of Brian McClain’s “Everything Must Change” which takes a look at how our economic and social systems are designed as detrimental to the poor.  The class has additionally embraced, as an ongoing ministry, the mission of providing a bag-full of toiletries to young people who are new to the foster care system through the “Children in Transition” program. Paul Warner 859-266-6387.

Taking the Bible Seriously:

Is a class of about 25-30 people of all ages, though primarily 40’s and older, who meet in Room 211 on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30.

Jerry Sumney, Professor of Biblical Studies at Lexington Theological Seminary is the teacher.  The format of the class is primarily a lecture with directed discussion as a book of the Bible is taught and discussed in depth.

The class offers an opportunity to engage books of the Bible in a way that scripture is taken seriously and as authoritative for the church and ones life without being a literalist in a caring and safe environment. Jerry Sumney 859-280-1255

Pastor’s Bible Study:

Is a class of about 8-12 people of all ages. but primarily in their 30’s and 40’s, who meet on Sunday morning 9:30-10:30 in the Commons Room.  The Reverend David Shirey, Senior Minister is the teacher.  The class offers an opportunity for bible study to participants in a safe environment which presumes no prior knowledge of scripture.  The class studies the scripture that David will use for his sermon during worship (which is generally the lectionary text).  David Shirey 859-233-1551


Disciples Women is the historical women’s association for Disciples world-wide. We currently have three Circles at Central. They lead our congregation in local and world service projects, i.e., promotion of the James Lane School Faculty/Staff Lunch, collection of school supplies and gifts of books at Christmas, Church World Service Blanket Fund, Church World Service school and health kits.

Circle 8

Our group is approximately 32 persons with an average attendance of 16-18. Our current leaders are Marlene Young and Glenda Ross, we rotate every year. We meet in homes and have two co-hostesses who provide food and drink. We have study material and a different speaker each month. We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 10 am. We form life-long bonds with each other through prayer, study and fellowship. Marlene Young 859-266-5908

Circle 15

Our group is approximately 30 persons with an average attendance of 12. Our current leader is Linda Curwood. We are the only Circle which meets in the evening, we meet at the church except in the summer when we meet in homes. Our membership includes persons from their 20’s to their 80’s. Our study material is a mix of Disciples Women literature and various speakers. We also include an element of worship at each meeting. We care for and pray for each other. Linda Curwood 859-296-1371

Circle 1, Bell/Burns Circle

Our group is approximately 15 persons with an average attendance of 8-10. Our current leader is Nancy Morris. We meet the third Wednesday of the month at 10 am in Room 210 at the church. In October, we meet at Richmond Place, in May at the Friendship Tea Room and in December we have a Christmas potluck at the home of Debbie and Steve Rice. Our study material is a mix of Disciples Women literature and various speakers. We are often focused on service. Nancy Morris 859-273-0458

Cultivating Mindfulness

This contemplative group with spiritual direction and meditation meets at the church on Wednesdays from 5:15-6:15 in the parlor of the Sanctuary Building. Lisa Maas, a certified spiritual director is the leader. 859-396-4819

Men’s Breakfast

We meet on second Saturday of each month at 8:30 am at the church. An ad hoc group of men prepare the breakfast. We have a different speaker each month who shares his spiritual journey with us by answering these three questions: 1. Who is the man (or men) who has had the most influence on your life? How so? 2. Tell us about a particularly difficult period(s) of your life. How did your faith sustain you? 3. As you look back over your life, what is one thing for which you are profoundly grateful to God? All men are invited to be part of this group by making reservations through the church office. David Shirey 859-233-1551

Thomas Merton Reading Group

This group, led by Dr. Bill Paulsell, studies the writings of Thomas Merton, O.C.S.O. who was an American Catholic writer and mystic. A Trappist monk of the Abbey of Gethsemani, Kentucky, he was a poet, social activist, and student of comparative religion. The group meets on Tuesdays, from 6:30-7:30 in Room 210 at the church. Bill Paulsell 859-273-5821

Spiritual Journey: Contemporary Christianity

This group led by Dr. Bill Paulsell and Sally Paulsell meet at the home of Dr. Wayne Bell and Virginia Bell. They read and study current issues in religion. They meet the first and third Tuesdays of the month from 2:30 pm to 4. Bill Paulsell 859-273-5821

Young Adult Bible Study

This study group is open to all young, young-ish, and young-minded adults. We meet at alternating locations at 7:00 PM on alternating Tuesdays; full list of dates and locations is below. We are currently using It’s Not All About You, eds. Rev. Julie Richardson & Rev. Courtney Richards, as study material. Our mission is to bring young adults together for fellowship and study of the Bible.

Dinners for Eight

At the beginning of each year, dinner groups are organized to bring groups of eight people together to get acquainted. Joining a Dinners for Eight group is a simple commitment to gather for a meal four times, with each party (couple, single, or pairing) hosting once. Each group determines for themselves if they will meet in homes or at a restaurant (always Dutch treat) or a combination of the two. If you have questions about this ministry or wish to register by phone, contact Elizabeth King in the church office, (859) 233-1551 or Lori Brewer (


CentrAll is an open and affirming group that allows LGBTQ individuals to discuss current topics related to Christianity in a safe environment. We believe that being a Christian and being LGBTQ can go together. We help encourage and support individuals who may be questioning their faith due to their identity as well as individuals who are looking to grow deeper in their faith. CentrAll meets monthly at various locations, i.e., coffee shops, restaurants, breweries, etc. All are welcome regardless of age, sexual orientation, etc. We especially welcome allies who may not associate as LGBTQ but who can provide support to others and demonstrate a unity among all. And we welcome members of Central and non-members. Contact Scarlet Thomas at (606) 524-1280.

CentrALL title image


The Sanctuary Choir of Central Christian, under the direction of Michael Rintamaa, rehearses on Thursday evenings from 7-8:30 pm and leads worship for the 11 o’clock worship service on Sunday mornings. The choir rehearses only once a month in the summer months. Michael Rintamaa 859-233-1551


Crafting Group

Crafty Women of Central will gather to do everything from knitting/crochet to fairy/miniature gardens and more. Time, location TBD by participants. Possibilities:  Learn a craft, improve a craft, bring favorite craft ideas to make items for a Craft Fair, Prayer Shawls, Preemie Caps, sew simple colorful pillowcases for Children’s Hospital or cancer ward, quilting, etc. Pam Hammonds 859-333-7439 

Movie Critique Group

This group would attend movies either in the theater or at home and then reflect on them. Choice of movies to be decided jointly. Size of group will be dependent on interest. Date and times will be dependent on movies chosen. Brenda Peterson 919-862-6023

Gallery Hop

This group will attend the Gallery Hops held in downtown Lexington and gather either at a restaurant or the church to share experiences afterwards. Size of group will be determined by interest. Date and time will be dependent on Gallery Hop dates. Maribeth Gaines, convener.

Thursday Night Live Group

Gather for drinks, music and enjoying each other at Thursday Night Live in downtown Lexington. Thursday evenings during the summer. Maribeth Gaines, convener

Gardening Group

This group will be gathered around a love for gardening. How much will be hands on work or sharing of ideas and techniques will be determined by the group as interest dictates. Date, time and place to be determined by those who sign up.

Photography Group

This group, led by John Lynner Peterson, will experiment and discuss techniques and creative thought behind photography. Meetings may be at the church, homes or a field trip. Time and date will be determined by those who sign up. John Peterson 919-862-6085

Theater and Reflection Group

This group will attend local, live theater productions and return to church or a restaurant to reflect on the production. Of course, time and place will be dependent on the production. Deb James 859-948-1578

Writing Group

This group will be a gathering of writers of all genre. We will spend time writing, critiquing each other’s work and sharing writing sources. Time and place to be determined by those who sign up.

Book Group

Barbara Elliott has led a book study group for many years. They are open to new members. The book is selected together, fiction or non-fiction, and they meet in Barbara Elliott’s home on the first Monday of the month to discuss and reflect. Barbara Elliott 859-275-2060

Book Group

Jan Ehrmantraut is forming a new book group. This group will meet on the first Monday each month, at the church, bring a sack lunch. Jan Ehrmantraut 859-299-3878

Golf Group

Golfers of all skill levels gathering to play. Time, location and place TBD by those who sign up. Deb James, convener 859-948-1578

Hiking Group

Nature lovers of all ages and skill levels gather to hike in areas within an hour from Lexington. Time, location and place TBD by those who sign up. Burton Joyner, convener 859-859-225-4116

For more information please contact Rev. Elizabeth King, Minister of Congregational Care.