Becoming a member


Is it important to be a member of a church?

We believe that Christian faith is about relationships. It is about our relationship with God and our relationships with each other. In both cases, we believe that Jesus of Nazareth reveals what is essential about all of our relationships. Jesus lived in awareness of God’s presence and placed his trust in God. In him, we hear God’s invitation to live a relationship of intimacy and faithfulness. Jesus welcomed anyone who would respond to this invitation. Baptism, the sign of God’s gracious love for us and our desire to follow Jesus, joins us together as sisters and brothers in Christian faith and calls us to share the good news with others.

Becoming a member of a church is a way that we identify with other people who have committed themselves living as a follower of Jesus. It is a way of saying, “This is who I am and this is what matters to me.” It is a commitment to a lifetime of learning and growing in our relationships with God and with one another. Being a part of the church is a way that we witness to our faith in God and open ourselves to relationships that only Christian community can offer.

This is the reason that, every Sunday, we invite persons who are not members of Central to make this community their church home. A person who has never been baptized may join Central by affirming their intention to be a follower of Jesus. The service of baptism will be scheduled in consultation with the candidate. A person who has been baptized in another congregation or Christian communion may transfer his or her membership. Central does not re-baptize persons transferring from another church.

A person desiring membership by confession of faith and baptism or transfer of membership may come forward at the close of the worship service during the singing of the hymn of dedication and be introduced to the congregation. The ministers can also make special arrangements for persons who are unable or uncomfortable with coming to the front of the church to make the confession of faith or to transfer membership from another Christian communion. A person transferring membership from another congregation does not have to present a written statement from that congregation.

Once a person has joined Central, the staff notifies their former congregation. The church staff handles the “paperwork”. One does not need to bring a letter of membership from another church in order to transfer membership to Central.

Each member of Central is expected to participate in the worship and fellowship of the church and to support the church’s mission of witness and service.

You are invited to talk with any one of the ministers about membership and/or about participating in an Inquirers Group to learn more about the ministries of Central Christian Church. You may contact us by calling the church office at (859) 233-1551 or via email from the ministry staff page.